Congratulations my friend! You had the courage and will to follow your internal compass and partake in what is quite possibly the most powerful spiritual and biological experience a human being can have.


With this experience comes responsibility and integrating your experience properly is extremely important. With the proper integration, you will be able to tap into the true power of this therapy.


If you are currently feeling confused, don't worry, take a deep belly breath, and rest assured that this will all make much more sense as you read further and time unfolds.


Why Integration?


After witnessing thousands of processes, we have come to a concrete conclusion when it comes to integration.


The integration process of this therapy is extremely important, and it is an integral part of the overall therapy itself. It is VERY necessary to receive the full benefit of the experience and if integrated correctly, this experience is much more effective and beneficial.


After this therapy, an individual can feel fragmented and confused due to experiencing the dissolving of the ego for the first time.


That is exactly why it is so important to take time to properly integrate and digest the experience.


So please, closely read this integration document and utilize the resources provided.

It has helped many people quickly and effectively integrate this therapy, and if used properly, it can very well do the same for you. Ultimately leading you to a more balanced and fulfilling existence in many ways :)

Re-Conditioning ourselves

Most of our belief systems, habits, fears, and understandings come from the experiences and conditioning we are exposed to during childhood.


From the ages of 3-7 years old, we are quite literally soaking up any and all information around us, which in turn creates our perceived world.


At this time, we are naturally in what's called the Theta brain wave state. During this time the individuality of someone is developed and the conditioning of our environment really sets in.


Unfortunately, during this time, we typically aren’t able to co-create or choose our environment whatsoever.


During this time, We are simply at the mercy of the environment that is provided for us by our family, friends and geographic location.


And most of the time, although many of our experiences could have been loving and nurturing, our environment usually isn't IDEAL for our overall well being.


With this being said, we are very blessed to live in a world where we can ultimately CHOOSE what we believe in and stand for. We can also choose to alter the conditioning that was instilled in us at a young age and re-condition ourselves completely as conscious adults.


We have the ability to take action and make the necessary choices to re-establish our belief systems, habits, and understandings.


The entire premise of this therapy is to integrate the profound lessons and awareness that we receive from the therapy into our everyday lives.


To treat others with love, compassion, generosity, and kindness.

To be a better husband or wife, brother or sister.

To put others before yourself.

To treat yourself and others with love, respect, patience, and kindness.

To hold yourself and your loved ones accountable.

To openly communicate and express yourself in all ways.

To help others in need.

To be balanced, peaceful and fulfilled.


To both experience, and aid in creating a better world for all to live in is the true purpose of this beautiful sacrament and the therapy it provides.

While the experience of this therapy itself is awe-inspiring, it is the positive changes, beneficial habits, and newfound awareness that we integrate into our lives after the therapy that makes it so special, beautiful, and essential for evolution.

Bufo Alvarius therapy is an excellent way to wipe the canvas clean and begin painting your new picture.


This therapy allows you to anchor in a new frequency that reflects all of the truths, understandings, and healthy habits that you’ve gathered as a conscious and self- aware adult.


For this reason, after the therapy, and during integration, It’s very important that we avoid things that negatively affect our mindset, vibration, and frequency.

Examples of this are, but not limited to:

• Large crowds

• People with negative perspectives

• Abusive individuals, especially family members

• Consumer-based areas (Such as Malls, Markets, Movie Theatres)

• Unhealthy food

• Alcohol

  • Most psychoactive drugs and numbing agents such as pain medications and Xanex

  • Overconsumption of food, sex, coffee, marijuana, or Social media/Computer/TV (Anything with a screen)

  • The news (The News in the USA particularly)


Conversely, it is important that we seek and pursue things that positively affect our mindset and frequency.


Examples of this are, but are not limited to:


  • Healthy, whole foods

  • Proper hydration (It is important to drink a lot of water and electrolytes after therapy)

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Nature

  • Solitude

  • People who are positive and “On the Path”

  • Breathwork

  • Peaceful and relaxing music

  • Positive mantras

  • Being around anything that is grounding (Trees, Nature of any kind, Wood, Wearing Earth tone colors)

  • Walking barefoot outside


Give yourself Time

You should give yourself, at the very minimum, 3 days to integrate. With that said, we strongly suggest taking 1 week - 1 month to properly integrate the therapy for optimal results.


We know that this isn't possible for everyone, but it is absolutely necessary to take 2-3 days.


So please schedule your therapy accordingly so that you can take the necessary time to integrate.


This means NO distractions and NO duties during this time.


Even if you only have the weekend, use it as much as you can to properly integrate your therapy session.


If you are able to take more time, consider yourself very blessed and PLEASE take advantage of this incredible time of healing, and growth.


If you integrate this experience carefully and consciously, it can be the single most important and impactful experience of your life.


YOU are the answer

It is absolutely essential that you know that Bufo Alvarius therapy or any other type of healing practice is NOT the answer to your suffering, problems, and issues. Neither is the facilitator that serves or teaches you.


This medicine and therapy are simply tools that we use to help us experience and express our highest self and gain the most fulfillment from our lives.

There are many tools that we use to achieve great insight, healing, and growth. Some of these tools are:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Plant medicines (Ayahuasca, Peyote, Mushrooms, etc.)

  • Breathwork

  • QiGong

  • Nature

  • Communion with others

  • Exercise

  • Nutrition


Just to name a few. As you can see, there are many tools at our disposal, and Bufo Alvarius therapy, is simply just one of these tools, albeit a very powerful one.


While there are many tools, YOU and only YOU are the answer.


You have a beautiful divine light within you just waiting to spring forth and shine upon the world! This light has always been there and always will be there.




This medicine and therapy simply help remove the conditioning and programming that dims your divine light. At the end of the day, YOUR unique path is the only way to fulfillment, peace, and enlightenment. You may use many tools and techniques to discover this divine light, but ultimately it has always been there.


Think of your soul or true self as a beautiful treasure. But throughout the years, all kinds of junk was piled on top of the treasure, covering it up completely. With all this junk on top, we can't even see that there is a treasure at all.


Bufo Alvarius therapy is simply one of many tools that helps remove the junk that is on top of the treasure. Thus leading us to see the treasure again and enjoying it, as well as sharing it with others.


So remember, THE ANSWER IS WITHIN, and this therapy is simply one of many tools to help you discover that reality:)




Proper integration will include spending multiple days and multiple hours per day sitting (or lying) in stillness ALONE in nature.


By stillness, I mean meditation. If you have never meditated before, or have trouble meditating, check out some of the guided meditations from the sources below.



The great yogi Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri often reminded his students that the secret to cosmic consciousness or enlightenment was intimately connected with the mastery of the breath.

When we breathe properly, we are able to relax the nervous system, and activate our 'Rest and digest' mode through the parasympathetic nervous system. With the power of our breath, we become completely present and speed up our integration and healing process while enjoying the incredible bliss, presence, and peace that comes with proper breathing. This is when natural healing takes place in both our physical, and energetic bodies.


While in deep relaxation or meditation, we also access the Theta brainwave state, yes, the same brainwave state we are in when we are children! When we become extremely relaxed, our brain naturally goes into this state, which simply means that the number of electromagnetic pulsations-per-second decreases from the usual 20-40hz down to 4-8hz. When we access this state, the body naturally heals, grows, and flourishes in many ways.




Nature, in essence, is perfect. After Bufo Alvarius therapy, you will see this ever more clearly.


You want to integrate in nature and avoid being around too many people, as well as being in a busy city, around hostile environments, and big crowds.


Because you will be VERY sensitive to all energies.


Both love and fear-based energies will be more intense than usual.


Any act of kindness from someone will seem so beautiful and heartfelt. While any unkind act will affect you more than usual.


Being alone (Or with someone guiding you) in nature during integration is essential.




It is always a good idea to do some form of gentle stretching or movement such as gentle Yoga to begin each day of integration. This will allow your body to be primed and prepared for meditation and breathwork. You want your body as well as your mind to be relaxed before tuning into the mediation and integration tracks.



  1. Please utilize the breathing technique, yoga flows, integration tracks, meditations, and nature to quickly and efficiently integrate your therapy.

  2. While sitting in stillness in nature, do not be surprised if you tap into peace and tranquility beyond your wildest dreams. If your entire body is in ecstasy and you can't believe what's happening, Great! This is a pivotal point in many people's journey of the soul. This is normal but very powerful. Surrender even more to the experience and you will be taken further into this eternal bliss, Your TRUE nature.


What are you grateful for? Maybe you are grateful for your children, for your spouse, or maybe you are grateful for this experience itself. Whatever you are grateful for, consciously express this gratitude during your stretching routine and meditation. Gratitude is a foundation for an abundant life. The practice of gratitude is extremely powerful and will aid in tapping further into the understanding of your true nature.



Reactivations are very common and natural after Bufo Alvarius therapy, especially during sleep, meditation, and breathwork.

Although not everyone will experience re-activations, most people do.

They last for roughly two weeks after therapy and if they go on longer than this, you should reach out to your facilitator or an integration specialist.

A reactivation feels like the experience of the therapy is flooding over you once again, THIS IS NORMAL.

During reactivations, it is important to stay calm and breathe deeply. I highly suggest sinking into the experience and doing your best to explore and even enjoy it!

Your dreams will most likely be much more intense and interesting than usual, this will pass as well.

If you are experiencing a re-activation during meditation, breathwork or some other practice, and you get scared or want it to stop, simply stand up, move around, and start talking or singing. You can also splash water on your face or begin eating food.

Basically doing anything to engage your 'thinking mind' should bring you out of the reactivation and you will be back to normal in no time.

But again, I highly encourage exploring and enjoying these experiences. They can teach you a lot and bring some clarity to the therapy itself, as well as your life and personal journey.


Identification with our higher selves (The True Self)


Our egoic nature is solely based on survival. It is always reminding us how “dangerous” our environment is.


Luckily for most of us, our survival-based needs are more than met in today's world. We literally do not need our ego to help us survive, therefore why would we let it control our lives?


What if I don't get that promotion?

What if my wife or husband leaves me?

What if I get fired from my job?

What if I get robbed while walking down the street?


When we let our ego run amok and simply react to thoughts and emotions that come from our ego, we are simply REACTING to our environment.


The higher self RESPONDS to its environment ~


After this therapy, you will be primed to better respond to your environment. Paying attention to your thoughts and consciously identifying where they come from is a huge landmark in one's journey.


  • Where is this thought coming from?

  • Is this thought coming from my ego or my higher self?

  • Does this thought serve me, and if so, how?

A great way to know where your thoughts are coming from is to pay attention to the nature of the thought.


  • Does the thought come from fear? (Relating to something you are afraid of in any way)

  • Does this thought serve my higher self?

  • Do I feel like this thought is coming from my intuition, or is it coming from fear?

  • Does this thought come from a place of love?



• If any thoughts or emotions are based on fear or lack, they are coming from your ego. When we are able to identify the thoughts coming from our ego, we can then begin to identify them as they arrive, honor them, then consciously (Visually) surrender or let them go to the universe. (This becomes easier to do with practice, just like anything else.)


If you feel your intuition is telling you something, and you have identified that the message is not of the ego, it is very likely that this thought is coming from your higher self. Listen to this message, feel it and embrace it. What is this message telling you?


Some examples may be: “Let Go of your attachments”, “Let Go of seeking validation from others”, “You are perfect exactly how you are”, “You have the capability to be as Buddha and other masters."


Another great way to know if these thoughts are coming from your highest self is by noticing your ego instantly trying to discredit these thoughts and feelings.


It may say “You can never be like Buddha you idiot” or “If you let go of what you’ve worked so hard for, it will have been for nothing!”


This is a sure-fire sign that the ego is at play. Again, we will identify it, honor it and visually surrender it to the universe. TRUST this process, it will become easier and more evident with time.



  1. Pay attention to where your thoughts are coming from, do they come from fear, (Ego)? Or do they come from love and your highest self?

  2. Your ego may try to discredit any thoughts that come from love. Acknowledge the ego and consciously surrender yall egoic thoughts to the universe.


Faith, Trust, and Surrender

Jesus and other masters were able to perform the miracles he performed because of his incredible Faith and Trust in himself and God.


“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have done, and they will do even greater things than these.” - Jesus, John 14:12


After spending 2 decades becoming enlightened, Jesus knew that when you place absolute faith and trust in the universe and yourself, you are capable of experiencing true abundance and states of pure Nirvana.


This understanding is typically very challenging and counterintuitive to most westerners.


The fact is that we currently live in a society where we have to make our way and work extra hard to get an edge over everyone else. Many of our beliefs come from fear and therefore don’t serve us.


• Practice feeling complete faith and trust in the universe. Give gratitude to the universe for nurturing you and providing everything you need. The more we acknowledge and give gratitude for this, the more we attract it into our lives.


• Practice this gratitude by saying something like: “Thank you universe for providing me with everything I need as I flow down the river of least resistance, I have complete trust in you” or “Thank you God for lighting my path so that I can live my best life as my highest self. I have absolute faith in myself and my mission in life”


• This may be hard at first, but if you do this exercise every day during integration, you will begin to anchor in this beautiful belief system and it will soon become your TRUTH. Do your best to truly FEEL this gratitude. If you cry or tear up during this, that is a great thing. The more emotion and passion you feel during this practice, the better.



  1. Practice faith by consciously surrendering to the universe. Also, use affirmations to reprogram the subconscious to anchor in new beliefs.

  2. Remember that we really do have all of our survival-based needs met. We almost always ‘Make up’ or ‘Blow up’ our problems in our head because The Ego is usually controlling our thought process and in turn choosing to worry about them instead of simply deal with them and move forward.


Training our perception, and enjoying our lives!

One of the coolest, most unacknowledged fact in human existence is that we are spiritual beings inhabiting human bodies on a spinning rock of incredible life in outer space. The human experience is AMAZING.


We have fresh fruit, beautiful music, natural medicines, airplanes, delicious foods from all of the world, incredible technologies, loving families, sex, Netflix, etc. etc.


Sure, we have hard breakups, violent childhoods, and many different types of trauma.


Part of having the human experience is experiencing duality.


This basically means that we would not know if something was amazing if we didn't also experience things that were difficult.


No really, think about it. If you spent your whole life experiencing ONLY amazing things, and nothing “Bad” ever happened, wouldn’t everything just be the same? How would you know what good experiences are if you never have challenging ones?


I can assure you that this would get old. And it is simply not a part of the human experience.


We NEED to have challenging experiences in order to know what a great experience even is! (It's simply a law of the 3rd dimension.)


Luckily, when it comes to not so good experiences, we can train our minds and bodies to better respond to them.


One great method when one is having a rough time is he asks these questions:


  • How can I learn from this?

  • How can I grow from this?

  • How can I LOVE this?

So instead of simply reacting to a tough situation, begin to ask these questions. With practice, you will build this habit and it will serve you for years to come.


Now that you are conscious of the fact that you are letting go of past traumas, and that you are coming into your beautiful, abundant, new life. You can confidently go forward and practice asking yourself these questions.


Asking these questions before responding to a challenging experience will cultivate understanding and build an invaluable belief system.


Do not allow a man-made society to get in the way of you having your uniquely beautiful human experience:)



  1. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. The human experience consists of duality. We can make this experience more enjoyable by consciously and thoroughly enjoying the great times, and asking the questions that help us grow when we encounter challenging times.

  2. We wouldn't know what a GREAT experience even is if we didn’t have challenging ones. So be grateful for both! Consciously and actively practice learning from hard experiences. This will serve you immensely and make the human experience more enjoyable!

Thank You 🙏


This brings us to the end of this document my friend!


THANK YOU, not only for taking the time to read this document but for taking the time to grow and heal yourself for the benefit of everyone:)


By choosing to embark on this journey, you are doing a HUGE service for Your friends, family, and anyone that you come in contact with during your time here on Earth!


So, give yourself a big hug, and put on a big smile! Smiling is pure medicine, and with a journey as epic as yours, it deserves a big smile and a chuckle at the universe :)


I hope and pray that this document aids in your integration process and that you grow in so many ways from the therapy you received :)


If you feel like you are having a REALLY hard time integrating, please reach out to our integration coach immediately.



- Take a deep belly breath, focus on gratitude and grounding, and don't think too much :)

- Try to stay in your heart during this beautiful time, and truly take time for yourself to rest and reset.

- Spend as much time as you can in nature, and maintain healthy habits as much as possible.


If you use all the resources provided and follow the guidelines in this document, your integration process should be wonderfully powerful and beautiful!

Much love, namaste, be blessed and AHO!

Additional Resources


Audio Books Suggestions

1) Conversations with god - Neal Donald Walsh

2) The Book of Freedom - Paul Selig

3) Untethered Soul - Michael A. Singer

4) The Untethered Soul at Work - Micahel A. Singer

5) The Surrender Experiment - Michael A. Singer

6) The Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton Ph.D.

7) Autobiography of a Yogi - Paramahansa Yogananda

8) The End of Your World - Adyashanti


Book Suggestions

1) Gene Keys - Richard Rudd

2) Spontaneous Awakening - Adyashanti

3) The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

4) A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

5) The Next Step In Evolution: a Personal Guide - Vincent Cole

6) Biology of Belief - Dr. Bruce Lipton

7) Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

8) Entheogenic Liberation - Martin Ball

9) The End of Your World - Adyashanti

10) Atomic Habits - James Clear

11) Breath - James Nestor

12) Embracing the Unknown - Pema Chodron

13) The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer

14) Dispelling Wetiko - Paul Levy

15) The Kybalion - Three Initiates



Video Links: v=d6ceyilGID8&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=10&t=0s v=O_wUKhzh6Bs&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=11&t=3s v=KXQ9BeI5ibM&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=12&t=0s v=PLvKIMppIRY&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=14&t=4483 s CVCT1laC0o&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=15&t=1s v=VBKsE-61vxg&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=16&t=0s v=AQL6qcGqQ0Y&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=18&t=0s v=sgYl0m1qehE&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=20&t=0s v=Ug04_xSPpi0&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=23&t=0s UU&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=24&t=858s v=cj9x83y1oqc&list=PLG7L5rFpbFwOYWd_wJrinAYrM4CLggOVJ&index=25&t=255s