Integrate your experiences for enlightened life

Our clients invariably have powerful and transformative experiences taking the bufo therapy. To make this medicine available to as many people as possible we offer a low cost experience with experienced facilitators. 

However, our recommendation have always been that you do some preparation before the ceremony and more importantly  do integration work after the ceremony to maximize the experience. It literally could be your most life changing experience ever, a complete rebirth. We think it makes sense to invest in preparing for the rest of your life!


Our facilitators can offer the following Integration services:


Basic Integration Experience :

After the ceremony, our experienced facilitator/coach will support you in grounding after your journey. He or she will make suggestions on how to approach the ensuing important days and weeks and can answer any of your questions relating to your post ceremony life.


Extra 1 hour experience for 1500mxn (2500mxn couples price)

Full Integration Experience :

Our Facilitator will welcome you before the ceremony to relax and open your heart and mind to the medicine. 


After the ceremony you will seamlessly move to a cenote or nature. Generally it will be no more than 15-20 mins away. Your facilitator will liaise with you on the location in case you would like to request somewhere. If the location is further away the client will be expected to pay the extra costs. 

Once in nature the focus will initially be to ground and let the medicine do it’s work and then to integrate your experience . Our experienced facilitator has over 20 years training in Zen and other spiritual traditions. 


You will be encouraged to explore the implications of your rebirth, with the facilitator acting as a sounding board for your life , and any decisions you need to make. As everyone is different the facilitator will sense in to what will be most useful or impactful. In addition to coaching he might suggest some journaling and expressive art or one of the many tools and rituals in his back pocket. 


Extra 4 hour experience for 3500mxn (4500 couples price).

The prices include transport but not meals and entrance to a cenote (100mxn/person)

Our Integration facilitators

Benjamin J Butler is uniquely equipped to act as your guide. He lived in Japan, China and Korea, training in Zen and Eastern philosophy and how to use it in our contemporary world. He is also a Futurist and coach to many leaders of the future, and is passionate about connecting clients with their soul gifts to forge inspiring and meaningful journeys. Inspired by the power of bufo, he is offering a discounted rate to Bufo Alvarius whilst he is here in Tulum writing his book about the future of our civilization. He has written about bufo here.