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Integrate your experiences for enlightened life

Our clients invariably have powerful and transformative experiences taking the bufo therapy. To make this medicine available to as many people as possible we offer a low cost experience with experienced facilitators. 

However, our recommendation have always been that you do some preparation before the ceremony and more importantly do integration work after the ceremony to maximize the experience. It literally could be your most life changing experience ever, a complete rebirth. We think it makes sense to invest in preparing for the rest of your life!

Integration session at the Sanctuary, 1h 30min.


The session will be led by a psychology graduate who will be at the service of answering questions and accompanying the process after the ceremony, in order to facilitate a more complete experience on the path of personal growth.

The price is 2.000mxn for one person. Extra person can be added for 500mxn, that is paid in person.