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The first Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary was opened in Tulum and the term 'Bufo Alvarius therapy' was coined in August, 2019. With the help of social media influencer testimonies the new therapy form was implanted into mainstream consciousness during the first few years; Instead of 'psychedelic assisted therapy', the world recognized the value of surrendering to the mystical experience alone for it's therapeutic value. 

The hype was recognized and further boosted by many alternative media reports as well as multiple television channels broadcasting the novel and straightforward approach to the usage of the most powerful entheogen known to mankind in their news reports.

Spring 2023 marked the initiation of the Bufo Academy, a facilitator training program hosted in Tulum with openings each month paving the way for expansion, providing the trained and tested facilitators of both Bufo Alvarius therapy and Kambo detoxification to meet the growing demand while keeping it accessible to the masses. 

For the 5th anniversary we are opening our second branch in Buenavista, Bacalar. The new location is built with the core services, Kambo detoxification and Bufo alvarius therapy in mind in pristine jungle to allow more secluded experience, adding the luxury of a lakeside location. 

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