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Let me introduce you the grandfather of all the medicines... No, it's not Bufo :)

We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering Ibogaine Therapy at our facility! This innovative therapy has been found to help individuals overcome addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, among other mental health conditions.

To learn more about Ibogaine Therapy, please contact us today and ask to speak with me, Val. I just had my own first Ibogaine experience this week and it really improved my life yet after 50 Bufo breakthroughs, 5 ayahuasca ceremonies, peyote, mushrooms, salvia, MDMA, LSD and more. I wake up 5 am to work, feel 10 years younger, with better eyesight, stamina and vitality. Or if you don't believe me, ask your favorite facilitor of ours, my moodiness is gone and I have been super productive finishing pending projects and launching new services.

I had thought Ibogaine is only for easing out the withdrawal symptoms of addictions, but it really is a great tool for knowing ourselves too. I literally browsed through all my cells from third eye perspective during the 4 hour acute phase, as passing fractals gradually reduced into one perfect circle, that I interpreted as the sperm cell entering into the egg cell, which disappeared in the end and I felt coming back to the source.

To celebrate the launch of this new service, we are offering you 10% OFF on 48h all inclusive Ibogaine Therapy with coupon code IBOGAINE, and we encourage anyone who is interested in Ibogaine Therapy to take advantage of it.

Best regards,

Dr. Alvarius

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