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Our clients invariably have powerful and transformative experiences taking the bufo therapy. To make this medicine available to as many people as possible we offer a low cost experience with experienced facilitators. 

However, our recommendation have always been that you do some preparation before the ceremony and more importantly do integration work after the ceremony to maximize the experience. It literally could be your most life changing experience ever, a complete rebirth. We think it makes sense to invest in preparing for the rest of your life!


Integration is one of the most overlooked parts of any spiritual journey.  No matter where you are in your path, integration is key to any experience.  Energy shifts and experiences happen, but often times the physical nature of our minds and bodies needs time to "catch up" to the shift.  Whether you are  going through your awakening process, or far along your path of consciousness... Integration is for you and is vital to growing in health and vitality in all aspects of your nature: mind, body, spirit, and soul.  

After the entheogenic experience, there is a window for powerful transcendence, growth, and consciousness shifting.  When guided by a knowledgeable expert, Integration coaching will help you step into lasting empowerment and conscious creation. The medicine experience and knowledge are great, but the real ceremony is to understand the experience, extract the wisdom and apply it to your life through specific guided actions. This is how the experience becomes integrated.  


There is a structure and a process to integration - A psycho-spiritual and holistic approach to completing your healing.

This is for you if...

  • You want to enrich your spiritual life

  • Want to get clarity on your purpose

  • Want to develop your spiritual connection

  • Want to feel vitality again

  • READY to create a life that you love

  • you are physically and financially ready

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a magic pill

  • You will not commit to showing up

  • Not coachable

  • Not wanting to develop a spiritually connected life

  • Are not ready to ask for help and receive it

  • If you already know your purpose and don't believe that a spiritually connected life will enhance all areas of your experience.


The session will be led by a psychology graduate who will be at the service of answering questions and accompanying the process after the ceremony, in order to facilitate a more complete experience on the path of personal growth.

The price is 2,000mxn for one person. Extra person can be added for 1,000mxn, that is paid in person.


After the ceremony, you will be transferred seamlessly to a private cenote accompanied by an experienced facilitator acting as a sounding board for your post Bufo life. Once in nature, you will have the opportinity for grounding in silence.

The price is 3,500mxn for one person. Extra person can be added for 1,000mxn, that is paid in person.



Bufo Alvarius toad medicine induces a spiritual awakening, that is followed by a serie of new realizations for the expanded awareness. For those who are facing challenges in integrating these realizations and in aligning their daily life accordingly, we offer our personal online assistance. Mario will guide you through the depths of your soul acting as a sounding board for your transformation, sharing his tips and tools.


Mario has a 40 years of experience as a guide working with plant medicines and studying and sharing Toltec tradition of connecting with the Mother Earth.

The price is 500mxn per 45 min session. 

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