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Integration Tour to a private cenote

Integrate your experience for enlightened life

  • 3,500 Mexican pesos
  • Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary

Service Description

The Bufo Alvarius therapy is a bullet proof way to induce a spiritual awakening, that is likely to change profoundly the way we see yourself, our life, and the world around us. It can be a powerful catalysts for growth. Once the mind is opened for a broader perception the memory of it stays with us forever and the healing occurred is permanent. However, once we come back to our regular state of consciousness, it can be challenging to figure out how to integrate all this new perspective into our lives in a meaningful way. And if we don’t do this, we’re likely to miss out on the full value the experience has to offer us… It can slip through our fingers as a blissful memory. Or worse, trick us into thinking we’ve attained some permanent state of enlightenment that doesn’t require any additional effort from us. This can disrupt our lives, interfering with our relationships, or leave us with a sense of dissatisfaction. Proper integration can help to translate this experience into your everyday life, and help to avoid several traps that commonly arise in the wake of big awakening moments. These traps can feel like they’re reinforcing our spiritual growth, when in fact, they’re impeding it. When we contemplate a peak spiritual experience with the intention to glean its wisdom and embody that wisdom in our daily life, we empower a true transformation. We offer you an Integration Tour to support on your journey immediately after the ceremony. You will be transferred seamlessly to a private cenote accompanied by an experienced facilitator acting as a sounding board for your post Bufo life, Once in nature, you will have the opportunity for grounding in silence. The price is for one person. Extra person can be added for 1000mxn, that is paid in person. --- La terapia del Bufo Alvarius es una forma a prueba de balas para inducir un despertar espiritual, que probablemente cambie profundamente la forma en que nos vemos a nosotros mismos, nuestra vida y el mundo que nos rodea. Puede ser un poderoso catalizador para el crecimiento. Una vez que la mente se abre para una percepción más amplia, el recuerdo de la misma se queda con nosotros para siempre y la curación ocurrida es permanente. Sin embargo, una vez que volvemos a nuestro estado de conciencia habitual, puede ser un reto averiguar cómo integrar toda esta nueva perspectiva en nuestra vida de forma significativa. Y si no lo hacemos, es probable que nos perdamos todo el valor que la experiencia tiene para

Cancellation Policy

Please let us know if you can’t attend or you need to reschedule with anticipation. The downpayments are non-refundables. — Háganos saber si no puede asistir o si necesita reprogramar con anticipación. Los pagos iniciales no son reembolsables.

Contact Details

  • Bufo Alvarius, Tulum, Q.R., México

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