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Do you suffer addiction, anxiety or depression?

Sufres de adiccion, ansiedad o depresion? 

The root cause of your problem is a trauma from a bad experience. Trust me on this one, I have been there too, and know the way out of it. Healing the trauma starts from a spiritual awakening, that is by expanding your consciousness becoming aware of your subconscious programming, accepting all that is and embracing it with unconditional love of the source and aligning yourself properly in this new awareness, allowing you to enjoy and apreciate the gift of life like never before.

Oh, You are fine? 


Ok, Sounds good, however I have more news for you. We can help you to Ascend to a whole new level of your being. Thats our promise we have been delivering in daily private sessions since 2019 having served thousands of happy clients.

Wake up your Higher Self with Bufo Alvarius Therapy

The medicine of Bufo or the Toad as it is sometimes called, is a powerful medicine that induces spiritual awakening experiences.  Bufo alvarius is a semi-aquatic amphibian that lives in the Sonoran desert of Mexico. Their cutaneous glands contain more than a dozen tryptamine compounds, including bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT, also known as The God Molecule, that is an endogenous neuro transmitter of the human brain.

When our brain receives a sufficient amount of the medicine it is configured in advanced mode; we experience an “absolute dissolution of the ego”. The sense of individuality is completely lost and all the barriers that separate us from other essences dissolve, merging for a few minutes with the source of all energy and consciousness in the universe, leading one to have a feeling of absolute inner peace and unconditional love.

The experience is excellent for healing traumas that appear as anxiety, depression or addictions. It is also highly recommended for apparently healthy people, improving understanding of oneself and the nature of reality, to resolve emerging mental and emotional knots, which without resolution can physically manifest as psychosomatic illnesses.

We at the Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary have perfected a safe method and setting for the application of this most powerful natural medicine known to mankind, avoiding any injuries for almost 5 years within the thousands of sessions (up to 12 sessions delivered daily in high season).

DISCLAIMER: The breakthrough experiences are not safe to experiment without first and foremost; a proper setting and preparation, and secondly an experienced/trusted facilitator. There are reported cases of death of a participant, for a lack of either one of the aforementioned safety requirements. (Not a single one caused by the medicine itself, only for an improper application of it.)


See the Guidelines for the preparation and safe pre condition.

"Not only are you a result of billions of years of evolutionary success, you are more. Dare to uncover who you really are, transcend the physical and wake up to a

higher state of consciousness."

- Dr. Alvarius


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