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Ibogaine therapy

Two days all inclusive Ibogaine therapy

  • 50 hours
  • 75,000 Mexican pesos
  • Tulum

Service Description

The day starts with a nutritious breakfast at 9am at our restaurant after which you will lay down on our vibrational bed to digest and relax your body and mind preparing you for what is to come. Then at 12pm we will serve you a handshake dose of ibogaine while you float 2 hours in a dense epsom salt water solution in our sensory deprivation tank. This assures the sufficient potassium and magnesium levels in your body, which is an important safety requirement for ibogaine treatment. Before taking the full dose of ibogaine we will first perform an electrocardiogram reading to ensure safe precondition for the therapy that is scheduled to start at 3pm. During the two nights stay at our private room you will be served meals and an experienced healthcare professional will apply serum therapy for hydratation and for avoiding feeling nausea, and accompany your journey. Not everyone experiences the psychedelic effects of this medicine, but those who do experience them undergo three primary phases: (1) an acute phase (2) a reflective period, and (3) a residual stimulation phase. Each phase contributes in different ways to allowing individuals to learn from the experience and take positive steps to improve their lives. The acute phase: Between one and three hours of taking Ibogaine, the individual enters the acute phase, which typically lasts between four and eight hours. This highly visual phase resembles an awakened dream state in which many people re-experience significant past events. The reflective phase: Between four and eight hours after taking the dosage, the individual begins to enter the reflective phase, also known as the evaluative phase. This period can last eight hours or as long as twenty hours and frequently focuses on deep reflection about what occurred during the acute phase. External stimuli often agitate highly reflective participants. The residual stimulation phase: Finally, between 12 and 24 hours after taking the dosage, the client enters the stimulation phase, which can last between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the individual and is usually known as “the gray day,” when the individual returns to normal functioning as the psychoactive experience gradually fades. Nevertheless, individuals often experience a reduced need for sleep for several days and may continue to be highly introspective days or weeks. During this time, individuals benefit from applying what they have learned to enhance their daily lives.

Cancellation Policy

Please let us know if you can’t attend or you need to reschedule with anticipation. An advance payment of 1000mxn will be charged in this case for the second reservation. — Háganos saber si no puede asistir o si necesita reprogramar con anticipación. Se cobrará en este caso un anticipo de 1000mxn para la segunda reserva.

Contact Details

  • Bufo Alvarius, Tulum, Q.R., México


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