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Living in alignment with our Higher Self

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Integrating a spiritual awakening into our daily lives is easier than we think. We just have to focus on what habits of our daily life we ​​can change or modify for our own good. In this article we have compiled indications of an alignment with the higher self, which our clients have expressed after experiencing the spiritual awakening induced by Bufo Alvarius.

After the experience, some feel more connected with nature and all living beings, now we are able to recognize the interconnection and interdependence of all beings; we have a sense of oneness with everyone and everything. We are increasingly concerned about what we eat, not only about the food itself, but also about its origin.

Some people want fewer things and seek more simplicity in their lives, because they have noticed that the less they have, the more relieved they feel. Some seek to acquire less material wealth in favor of seeking inner wealth. There is a feeling of happiness for no reason. For example, some may learn to accept and love themselves just the way they are, while others may find that they can be happy with what little they have.

Now we are attracted to readings that expand our minds, books that simply entertain us interest us less, in favor of others that help us become the best version of ourselves. We enjoy more time alone and in silence without feeling alone, and solitary walks in nature to reconnect and make peace with ourselves.

We have a deep yearning for meaning, and the standard measures of success no longer seem adequate or satisfying to us. We begin to listen to our soul, which urges us to create our own life path. It's time to expose our true selves to the world, we have removed the social mask we wore for "doing the right thing" and are now open to communicating our innermost thoughts and feelings with others without feeling guilty or ashamed.

We take responsibility for our destiny and actions, and realize that there is no reason to have a victim mentality and blame others for what goes wrong in our life, and we begin to act consciously to shape our destiny. We have discovered the great power that your actions have, and we act in a way that does not negatively affect you or others.

The past and the future no longer control our lives, we understand that we can only control our thoughts and actions in the present, that the past is gone and the future has not come. We are able to live in the present moment, capturing the power of now, appreciating the gift (=present) of being alive.

Instead of activating and reacting to what happens to us, we respond by understanding that whatever is happening is happening FOR us to teach us something. We don't do things FOR love, we do things WITH love. We do not compare ourselves with others, but with our selves from the past.

We begin to find happiness by serving others, instead of seeking pleasure. This kinder version of you performs good actions, but before directing it towards others, it is necessary that we first develop it towards ourselves. We must be able to procure good for ourselves, in order to later be able to offer it to others.

When we trust in the merit of our own spiritual awakening, we don't need anyone else to validate it. We can share what we have earned simply as an offering that others are free to receive or reject.

Now you feel at peace. There is a feeling of inner knowing, without explanation. The spiritual books that you had read, in search of truth and wisdom, now open before you in a new light.

People who have not known how to live are the ones who fear death the most. For this reason, those who go through a spiritual awakening begin to enjoy the present in a genuine way, letting go of the fear of inevitable death, understanding that it is only coming home.

In closing, if you are able to accept, love, and support yourself just the way you are, and replicate those feelings with those around you, you are certainly aligning with your higher self. And having experienced the powerful process of transformation of ourselves, we can honor that process that unfolds in others. We can rejoice in your growth, no matter how it is happening to you.

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