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Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary Is Crypto Friendly: First in Tulum

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We believe we are the first hotel and healing sanctuary in Tulum to directly accept Bitcoin.

Our Philosophy

The initial investments in the Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary were made from a cryptocurrency investment into Ether from $0.3 back in 2014. Today it is $3,000. The founder is an avid proponent of this technology and in fact was given the intuitive insight to make the investment after taking the bufo medicine, which is known for enhancing intuitive intelligence. Not only are we the first hotel and healing centre to directly accept Bicoin, we very much embrace the philosophy behind it and welcome crypto enthusiasts to drop by and see us.

Crypytocurrency is decentralized digital money which has been designed to be used over the internet: it is a medium of exchange created and stored on the blockchain (or decentralised ledger technology) and is protected by some form of encryption. Some experts