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MILENIO: Omar Chaparro remembers ritual with bufo toad: “it helped me a lot”

"It helps you get out of yourself and see life from another perspective, to turn your own existence around," said the actor. ritual-toad-bufo-help

In full promotion of his film ¿And how is he?, Omar Chaparro recalled the psychedelic experience he had with the bufo toad, during a talk on La Caminera, a radio program by Capi Pérez, Fer Gay and Fran Hevia on Exa FM. He told this after the also host of Venga la Alegría told him: "It's already night and you don't stop with energy, I don't know what it's attributed to, there's a synthetic drug behind this, I'm not going to ask you."

"I am telling you the truth? I use my own drug. We all have DMT in the pineal gland, it is basically the molecule of God, you can search for it on Google”, said Chaparro. And he explained that DMT "is found in bufo, which is the toad, in ayahuasca and in some other psychedelic drugs."

Omar Chaparro ritual con sapo bufo: “me ayudó MUCHO ”

En plena promoción de su película ¿Y cómo es él?, Omar Chaparro recordó la experiencia psicodélica que vivió con el sapo bufo, esto durante una charla en La Caminera, programa de radio del Capi Pérez, Fer Gay y Fran Hevia en Exa FM. Esto lo contó luego de que el también conductor de Venga la Alegría le dijo: “Ya es noche y tú no paras de energía, no sé a qué se le atribuya, hay una droga sintética detrás de esto, no te voy a preguntar”.

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