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NEW YORK POST: Fashion Influencer Victoria Barbara, I found purpose in life tripping on toad venom

Updated: May 10, 2022

Victoria Barbara, 40, suffered depression and thoughts of suicide before she inhaled Bufo, the venomous vapors of the Bufo alvarius toad, under the guidance of shaman

Victoria Barbara’s life has been in two: Dark decades of secret misery before she tripped on trendy toad venom — and the enlightened bliss she claims came after.

The glamorous influencer with nearly 1 million Instagram followers told The Post she owes her psychological transformation to psychedelic “Bufo therapy.” That’s when adventurous folks inhale the vapors of toxic toad milk, launching them into what proponents describe as a, well, mind-splitting journey of self discovery.

Thanks to this ancient medicinal practice, led by a discreet spiritual guide — or shaman — in the remote foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Barbara said, “I realized I had purpose in life.”

That’s why she’s hyping Bufo now: “The majority of 1-percenters know about this — but they don’t talk about it. Which is kind of sad,” Barbara told The Post of the controversial treatment named after the toad’s