Vice: "Potentially dangerous so-called God- mode dose"Fact Check: Debunked

The most recent media frenzy on the potential risks involved in the ingestion of Bufo Alvarius toad medicine has been triggered by the article of Vice: 'Tourists Are Now Smoking Toad Venom in Mexico’s Hipster Town Tulum' The article goes on the declare that there are potential health risk involved in large 100mg dosing, that is practiced at the Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary.

Octavio Rettig who is by far the most experienced facilitador and specialist in the field of Bufo Alvarius therapy globally, having done over 10,000 session in 15 years, clearly stated in his book ’The toad of dawn’ that there is no such thing as overdose. In my personal experience of +2000 servings, I would suggest there is hardly any difference from breakthrough dose of around 100mg up to 1000mg that I have safely served.

All the reactions, sometimes apparently negative in short run (<1%), are a sum of the patients underlying conditions and mindset. The setting and serving at Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary are always the same, and breakthrough is always guaranteed with extra serving when needed. That is what I have found the best practice and it is the stance I firmly keep regardless of the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) promoted for the clear lack of experience.

From the mental health point of view the question is even clearer. Too little dosing, that does not allow the patients to completely surrender to the loving Universe, can sometimes seem traumatic, as it touches subconscious traumas, but doesn't completely process them.

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