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    • No recreational drugs, no alcohol 48 hrs – 72 hrs before Kambo

    • Enemas and Colonics 3 days before and after Kambo are strongly discouraged.


    • FASTING for 4 hours minimum before the ceremony. If doing Kambo in the afternoon or evening, eat only a light meal in the morning.

    • Pre-Kambo water is consumed at the time of treatment. DO NOT drink excess water in advance.

    • No citrus drinks.

    • No caffeinated drinks. Honey in non-caffeinated tea is OK.

    • Best to only drink water or coconut water

    • Best to not take medications or herbal supplements until the evening after Kambo.

    • No Temezcal day before and day of, unless you’re strong as a horse and you will need to take extra extra extra electrolytes. ​​


Kambo cannot safely be used if you have ever any of the following health conditions:


  • If you have a heart condition

  • If you have had a stroke

  • If you are on medication for low blood pressure

  • If you have had a brain hemorrhage

  • If you have had an aneurism

  • If you have had a blood clot

  • If you have a serious mental health problem

  • If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy for 4 weeks afterward

  • if you take immune-suppressant medication for an organ transplant

  • If you are pregnant

  • If you are breastfeeding a child under 6 months of age

  • If you have been fasting for 7 days prior to your Kambo treatment

  • If you have had any water based detox within 3 days prior to your Kambo treatment (for example colonics, enemas, liver flushes)

  • If you are taking immune therapy drugs

  • Recent stem cells

  • During chemotherapy

  • If you have Addison’s disease

  • If you are taking Benzodiazepines

  • 3rd of 4th stage of alcoholism

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